6 reasons why building your own customer data asset is a recipe for marketing success

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Customer data. It’s a brand’s special sauce. But right now, there are too many chefs in the kitchen.

Marketers are working with multiple technology solutions and partners. Their customer data is strewn among dozens of different platforms, channels, applications and silos.

Sure, the capabilities for each may be powerful in their own right. Yet when each piece of the marketing pie has its own recipe for customer data and identity, brands are left with fragmented slices of consumer behavior past and present, online and off. Which takes the ability to recognize and relate to customers at the right time and in the right context off the table — and that’s a recipe for disaster.

When the marketer’s experience is broken, so, too, is the customer experience. Hence, building and maintaining loyal relationships that inspire long-term value become a gamble, at best.

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