Absolutdata launches an AI-based decision-making platform

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Absolutdata launches an AI-based decision-making platform

Analytics firm Absolutdata is evolving from a provider of predictive and evaluative marketing tools to a platform for decision-making.

In early 2015, the company released NAVIK Converter, a tool to pinpoint which users of trial subscriptions are most likely to buy — and what kind of offers might lead them there.

In mid-2015, it launched the NAVIK Concept Test, a tool to speed up the process of evaluating product ideas. Last year, it unveiled its first tool with embedded AI, NAVIK SalesAI, for helping salespeople determine the most promising prospects and the best ways to reach them.

This week, the San Francisco-based firm is adding an artificial intelligence layer to its first two tools. NAVIK Converter is now NAVIK MarketingAI, NAVIK Concept Test is now NAVIK ConceptAI, and those products are combined with SalesAI to create the NAVIK AI Platform.

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