Advertisers are ready to get ‘aggressive’ about enforcing Ads.txt adoption

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Ad buyers are dissatisfied with publishers’ slower-than-expected adoption of the industry’s anti-fraud initiative, Ads.txt. Now they are nearing an ultimatum: Publishers need to upload a public list of their programmatic sellers and resellers, or they will be left out of brands’ programmatic ad buys.

“Some advertisers care a lot about making sure that we’re not buying fraudulent inventory, and for those I think it will be as soon as Q4 that we start to say, ‘We’re only buying through Ads.txt-enabled publishers.’ Something like that is going to need to happen sooner than later to actually push the publishers to where they need to be,” said DigitasLBi’s VP and director of programmatic, Liane Nadeau.

To learn more about ad buyers’ plans to enforce Ads.txt adoption among publisher, read the full article on MarTech Today.

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