AI, intent data boost new B2B marketing tools from Demandbase, Get Smart Content & Leadspace

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There’s a veritable cornucopia of advanced targeting solutions for B2B marketers this week, with new announcements from Demandbase, Get Smart Content and Leadspace.

Demandbase makes its living by recognizing when potential B2B buyers come to your website and serving them personalized content, or retargeting them with ads when they visit other sites. They identify the visitors via IP addresses, domains and other techniques, plus use site behavior to help indicate what they’re interested in.

This week, they’re increasing their membership in the AI club with a new web personalization solution called Site Optimization. The company describes this as “the industry’s first AI-based personalization solution” for B2B marketing, although some other B2B marketers — like YesPath — have also claimed they use AI for site content personalization.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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