Amazon to open brand registry next month in effort to fight counterfeit products

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Amazon Vice President Peter Faricy says the e-commerce site will be launching a brand registry program next month to expand its efforts against counterfeit products.

The brand registry will allow a brand to register its logo and intellectual property with Amazon, making it possible for Amazon to remove any listings or seller accounts that are flagged as counterfeit. Both shoppers and brands — in addition to Amazon itself — can flag sellers they believe are guilty of selling counterfeit products.

In an interview with Reuters reporter Jeffrey Dastin at the Shoptalk e-commerce conference in Las Vegas this week, Faricy says the program has been in testing but will be “widely” available soon to Amazon sellers in North America, at no charge to them.

According to the Reuters report, Amazon’s brand registry was developed in 2016 as part of its efforts to fight counterfeit products on the site.

Reuters also noted Amazon’s Transparency program, another arm of Amazon’s counterfeit-fighting efforts. The program lets brands place a code on package labels so that shoppers can confirm a product’s manufacturing date and location to confirm brand authenticity.

When asked for an official date on the rollout of the brand registry. Amazon did not offer a response.

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