As EU’s GDPR nears, RSA’s CMO warns of security threats within martech infrastructures

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Between the multitudes of consumer data now collected daily by marketing organizations around the world and the EU’s coming enforcement of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cybersecurity has never been more of a priority for CMOs.

As the lead marketer for RSA, Holly Rollo has a unique perspective on cybersecurity issues within the martech community.

“RSA has been around for decades, doing a lot of cybersecurity and advanced threat research,” says Rollo, “I’ve learned a lot about the threat landscape and the lengths bad guys go in order to steal or abuse information.”

After leading marketing for two different cybersecurity software platforms, Holly Rollo was named CMO for RSA in April of last year. At this year’s MarTech Boston Conference, Rollo will be part of a panel discussing digital marketing and cybercrime.

“When I look through this lens, I get really concerned because marketing technologists and marketing leaders that aren’t in the security space don’t have the awareness of what’s going on, and may not fully understand the potential vulnerabilities of the marketing structures as they are setting them up.”

Rollo says she hopes to raise awareness around cybercrime and the threat of data breaches so that the marketing community can be more proactive when it comes to security.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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