Blueshift’s AI helps platform focus on individuals and continuous journeys

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This week, personalization platform Blueshift is launching AI-powered customer journeys that move its targeting from user segments to individuals, and its focus from single campaign responses to continuous customer journeys.

Blueshift provides personalized marketing through content recommendations, email marketing, and, for mobile devices, push notifications and SMS.

The company’s AI has previously been employed to provide capabilities like Predictive Scores for evaluating such things as which customers are likely to bolt, or to make the most appropriate product or content recommendations to site visitors. The Score might look at data showing, for instance, that certain telco customers are rarely using their data services.

Now, the AI is being used to continually optimize customer journeys. While the Predictive Scores were previously a point-in-time, resulting in a specific campaign effort to a group of users, like sending a discount offer via email, now the scores are continually read so that users can be placed into a customer journey as soon as the individual Score exceeds a threshold.

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