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Layout on the web has always been tricky, but with CSS Grid being now supported in all major browsers1, most of the hacks that helped to achieve complex layouts have become obsolete. Firefox even has a CSS Grid Inspector2 built in, so that there’s nothing to hold you back from making even the most challenging flexible layout reality.

To explore the possibilities and features of CSS Grid together, we’d love to invite you to a little contest. Because there’s nothing better to completely grasp a new technology as getting your hands dirty and playing with it, right?

CSS Grid Challenge
Show your CSS Grid skills and, with a bit of luck, win a smashing prize.

The Challenge Link

Now, here’s the challenge: You create an interesting, accessible layout with CSS Grid, or use CSS Grid to rebuild an existing layout. What you design is entirely up to you. Feel free to use Flexbox additionally as well, e.g. as fallback for browsers not supporting CSS Grid. The only requirement is that the template you submit doesn’t break in IE9 and is still fully accessible in IE8. Deadline: September 30th.

At the end of the contest, all templates and layouts will be made available to everyone for free download under the MIT license. So you can use them for personal and commercial projects without any restrictions. The aim is to build a community repository full of CSS Grid goodness that inspires fellow developers and helps spread the wide adoption of CSS Grid.

So, What Can You Win? Link

After the deadline has ended, we’ll announce the lucky winners who’ll win a quite extraordinary smashing prize (and a couple of other Smashing extras, see below):

  • a round-trip flight to Barcelona, Spain,
  • full accommodation in a fancy hotel,
  • a ticket to the Smashing Conference Barcelona 20173,
  • a Smashing workshop of your choice,
  • a signed edition of our upcoming book Design Systems4 by Alla Kholmatova,
  • your very own Smashing caricature, designed just for you.

Getting Started With CSS Grid Link

Last but not least, before you dive right into the challenge, here are some helpful resources to kick-start your CSS Grid adventure.

Resources and References Link

Demos Link

Tutorials Link

Talks Link

Inspiration Link

Finally, to get your ideas flowing, some inspiring CodePen experiments that illustrate the magic of CSS Grid:

Responsive Magazine Layout17
Responsive Magazine Layout18 by Heather Buchel
Minimalistic CSS Grid Layout19
Minimalistic CSS Grid Layout20 by Nate Green
CSS Grid Layout and Comics21
CSS Grid Layout and Comics22 by Envato Tuts+
Auto Hexagonal CSS Grid Layout23
Auto Hexagonal CSS Grid Layout24 by Kseso
CSS Grid Layout with @support Flexbox Fallback25
CSS Grid Layout with @support Flexbox Fallback26 by Gustaf Holm
Image Areas in CSS Grid Layout27
Image Areas in CSS Grid Layout28 by Michael Gehrmann
Mondrian Art in CSS Grid29
Mondrian Art in CSS Grid30 by Jen Simmons
CSS Grid Layout Slideshow31
CSS Grid Layout Slideshow32 by Manoela Ilic

Join In! Link

Want to be a part of it? Great, we’d love to see what you’ll come up with!

  • Once you’ve completed your shiny CSS Grid layout, please send us a link to (a CodePen link works just fine),
  • The deadline is September 30.

Ready to take on the challenge? Let’s go! We’re already looking forward to your submissions. Have fun!

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