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Business eBook Bundle (8 eBooks) — Smashing Magazine

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Business eBook Bundle (8 eBooks)

Business eBook Bundle (8 eBooks)

PDF, ePUB, Kindle



If you need support when it comes to the business aspects of the web industry, then these eBooks will be a treasure chest for you. Learn to adapt your business to the digital challenges. Get insights into building better products. Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly. Get precious tips on a key issue in your career: communication with clients and partners.

This eBooks Bundle contains the following books:

Digital Adaptation (eBook)


Nothing is more frustrating than stubborn management entangled in dated workflows and inefficient processes. That’s why we created “Digital Adaptation”, a new practical book on how to help senior management understand the Web and adapt the business, culture, team structure and workflows accordingly.

  • A Message for Web Professionals

  • The Digital Divide

  • Setting Your Digital Direction

  • Adopting A Digital Culture

  • Digital Teams: Agents Of Change

  • Digital Demands A Different Way Of Working

  • Grassroots Change
Making It Right: Product Management For A Startup World


This eBook will empower product managers who work in digital and help them to build better products that make their companies and users more successful.

  • Roles And Responsibilities Of The Product Manager

  • Uncovering Needs

  • Product Discovery

  • The User Experience Of

  • Product Roadmaps

  • Defining A Product

  • User-Centered Design And Workflows

  • What About Responsive Design?

  • Specifications

  • Build And Release

  • Assess And Iterate

  • Product Management In Agile Methodologies

  • Getting Started
A Career On The Web: Assuming Leadership


Fresh ideas and practical advice to help you improve your leadership skills and foster a passionate and agile team.

  • Assuming Leadership In Your Design Agency

  • Lessons Learned From Leading New Web Professionals

  • How And Why To Make Side Projects Work At A Digital Agency

  • Internal Developer Training: Doing It Right

  • How To Build An Agile UX Team: The Culture

  • How To Build An Agile UX Team: Hiring

  • How To Build An Agile UX Team: Integration

  • How To Recruit A UX Designer
A Career On The Web: On The Road To Success


There comes a time in everyone’s career when changing jobs is the natural next step. But how can you make the most of this situation and find a job you’ll love?

  • How A Designer Can Find A Job They Will Truly Love

  • The Difference Between Good And Bad Job Requirements

  • Preparing For A Front-End Job Interview

  • Land Your Next Web Development Job: The Interview Process

  • Career Advice For Graduating Web Design Students

  • The Habits Of Successful New Web Professionals

  • How To Maintain Your Brand As A Corporate Employee
Clients: Friends You Never Had


The eBook “Clients: Friends You Never Had” provides valuable advice to foster stable relationships and a fruitful cooperation with your clients.

  • Getting Engaged

  • How To Build Long-Term Client Relationships

  • Keys To Better Communication With Clients

  • Guidelines For Successful Communication With Clients

  • Effective User Research And Transforming The Minds Of Clients

  • Why Account Managers Shouldn’t Prevent Designers From Speaking To Clients

  • How Do You Deal With Overstressed, Irrational Clients? An Entrepreneur’s View

  • How To Sell The Value Of Mobile To Clients

  • Encouraging Better Client Participation In Responsive Design Projects
Marketing Secrets For Web Designers


Marketing is an essential part of web design and knowing its 101 helps you see your design decisions in a broader context.

  • Stop Shouting. Start Teaching

  • If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free

  • What Successful Products Teach Us About Web Design

  • Social Media Is A Part Of The User Experience

  • How To Use Email To Alienate Your Users

  • How Metrics Can Make You A Better Designer

  • Keep Your Analytics Data Safe And Clean

  • It Works For “You”: A User-Centric Guideline To Product Pages

  • How To Launch Anything
Successful Freelancing For Web Designers


Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly and get precious tips on communicating with clients and partners.

  • Basic Skills Of Freelance Web Designers

  • Communication With Clients & Partners

  • Marketing — Convincing Strategies For Freelancers

  • Contracts & Pricing
Work Smart, Live Healthy


Web design is more than a job. It’s a passion. This eBook focuses on practical tips and strategies to foster a balanced lifestyle so that you can tackle the job you love with more energy.

  • Maximize Your Creative Energy

  • Feeling Stuck? Design What You Don’t Know

  • Be A Better Designer By Eating An Elephant

  • Dealing With Workaholism On Web Teams

  • When 24/7/365 Fails: Turning Off Work On Weekends

  • Fostering Healthy Non-Professional Relationships

  • You Are Not A Machine. You Are Not Alone.

  • Let’s Talk About It

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