Businesses can now request customer locations within Twitter Direct Messages

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Twitter has just unleashed a new tool that is sure to be a boon for brands with multiple locations. Within a Direct Message, a business can now request access to a user’s location in order to better serve them. Users must accept the request by hitting a “Share Location” button before the information is turned over to the brand.

This has a slew of helpful use cases, especially in customer service and bots. By getting the information shared instantly, the brands can respond more accurately to their customers. The user also has the ability to choose what exactly is sent to the brand:

Some companies like TGI Friday’s have already begun using this data, as they’ve built a bot that directs users to the closest restaurant based on their location, with the ability to place an order online.

This change is one of many improvements that have rolled out over the previous months, such as quick replies and welcome messages for brands.

For more information, see the official Twitter blog post.

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