Companies must pay more attention to how they manage their martech stacks, says Allocadia’s marketing VP

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Next month, Allocadia’s VP of marketing, Sam Melnick, and GE Digital’s VP of marketing operations, Neenu Sharma, will take the stage at the MarTech Conference in Boston. The two will cover how GE Digital uses Allocadia’s marketing management platform to to manage marketing budgets and set up a standard taxonomy across its marketing organization so that everyone is speaking the same language.

According to Melnick, he has been managing the business of marketing for the majority of his career — working with everyone from multibillion-dollar companies to SMBs. As VP of marketing for Allocadia, he leads a team that helps organizations like GE Digital, Red Hat, Box and National Instruments gain insight into where their marketing investment is being spent and helps make sure it aligns with the company’s overall marketing objectives.

“This allows teams to put their energy, dollars and activity into areas that will support the business,” says Melnick, “We then tie the results of those efforts back to business results to help companies articulate marketing’s impact and ROI.”

Today, Melnick offers his take on where brands are falling short when it comes to managing their marketing technology, and the primary martech-management challenges companies face right now.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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