Crimson Hexagon boosts its visual recognition of social pics

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Images have become central to social conversations, and social intelligence platform Crimson Hexagon has boosted its image analysis to keep up.

The Boston-based firm says it is now the only social platform that offers image analysis of faces, scenes, objects and activities, as well as logos. Previously, Crimson only offered recognition of logos in images, which the company says is where most of its major competitors still are.

Some competitors do logo analysis, senior vice president of product Errol Apostolopoulos told me, and at least one — Sysomos — provides facial analysis.

Some smaller social platforms have recently added more advanced image analysis. For instance, influencer platform Linqia has photo analysis, and influencer tool Dovetale provides image matching. User-generated content platform Chute features logo, object and scene detection.

But Crimson Hexagon says these aren’t enterprise platforms, and they don’t offer photo analysis down to the object, scene, activity or face, in addition to logo.

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