CRM is much more than off-the-shelf software

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“The customer is always under warranty,” Spotify VP of Growth Mayur Gupta told me.

Of course, he was speaking figuratively to emphasize his view that modern brands need to continually pay attention to their customers.

In other words, he said, businesses’ need to re-evaluate what is meant by “customer relationship management.”

CRM — which falls under his purview at Spotify — “for me is not [just] the ability to send emails,” he said. Rather, he added, it’s understanding user or customer behavior in real time or just in time, so the brand can shoot you a message appropriate to a dormant or casual or core user.

“That’s where a traditional CRM isn’t sophisticated enough to map these signals for the journey,” he said. “CRM has been around for a while, but it’s so, so far away from where it needs to be.”

“Of course, they can manage a shopping cart abandonment and send me an email, [but] I’m talking about much more complicated behaviors that are not just rules,” like managing responses to behaviors across multiple channels. Artificial intelligence enhancements are often employed these days to move marketing platforms past rules-based responses.

“The expectations that the user has are much higher” than they used to be, Gupta pointed out.

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