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From time to time, we need to take some time off, and actually, I’m glad that this reading list is a bit shorter as the ones you’re used to. Because one thing that really stuck with me this week was Eric Karjaluoto’s article.

In his article, he states that, “Taking pride in how busy we are is one of the worst ideas we ever had.” So, how about reading just a few articles this week for a change and then take a complete weekend off to recharge your battery?

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link

News Link

  • The next major release of Angular, Angular 4.05, is now available. It’s smaller and faster than it’s predecessor and ships flat ES modules.

Concept & Design Link

Component workshop7
Nathan Curtis shares tips on engaging the entire team to kick off a design library8. (Image credit: Nathan Curtis9)

Security Link

Tizen smartphone13
Security researchers have found 40 unknown vulnerabilities in Tizen14, the operating system that runs on millions of Samsung products. (Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns15)

Privacy Link

  • In the past, we tended to teach people to use a VPN if they wanted to stay secure. But now we know that by far not all VPN services have good intentions16. Some even inject advertising and privacy-leaking data into your network requests or sell your history to third parties.

JavaScript Link

Work & Life Link

  • Eric Karjaluoto shares why we need to slow down18, and why taking pride in how busy we are is one of the worst ideas we ever had. What if the best thing you can do for your career — and life — is to press pause, set your number one priority, and then rethink your way of working?

And with that, I’ll close for this week. If you like what I write each week, please support me with a donation19 or share this resource with other people. You can learn more about the costs of the project here20. It’s available via email, RSS and online.

— Anselm

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