Google Maps gets it started with Ms. Pac-Man

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Google Maps gets it started with Ms. Pac-Man

If you thought you would avoid April Fools’ Day gags and pranks this year because the actual day falls on a Saturday, think again. C’mon now, Google and other search/marketing/tech companies have a history of starting their (attempts at) fun and games a day or two before April 1, and this year is no exception.

Here’s a look at what we’ve found so far, and we’ll do our best to keep this updated throughout the day … for better or worse.

Google Maps plays Ms. Pac-Man

First out of the gate, as far as we can tell, is Google Maps. It has a history of getting involved in fun and games, like last year’s gag when the Street View “pegman” was dressed in disco attire. This year, it’s added a playable version of Ms. Pac-Man right on top of whatever map you’re viewing. Just click the little Ms. Pac-Man button and start playing; the app even keeps score as you move along local roads and try to avoid death.

Google Maps gets it started with Ms. Pac-Man

If you’ve found others that we haven’t listed — from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or others — feel free to drop us an email at Thanks!

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