How Dr. Martens’ VP of digital & e-commerce is using martech to create ‘super-audiences’

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Dr. Martens has built its brand around self-expression, individuality and rebellion — it is the punk rock boot. But even a punk rock brand wants to create relevant messaging that connects with consumers.

“I believe our learnings support industry findings — that delivering the right, tailored message, to the right group of people, at the right time — is not only best for the brand, but for the business, and ultimately, our customers,” says Kyle Duford, VP of digital and e-commerce for Dr. Martens.

In his role, Duford oversees all of the brand’s e-commerce best practices, optimization and growth. He says his newly formed digital innovation team is constantly looking for areas within the business where they can partner with other department heads to accelerate enterprise growth through digitization of the business.

In addition to surfacing internal opportunities to extend the brand’s digital efforts, Dr. Martens’ e-commerce teams have started creating super-audiences via personalization efforts to better communicate with their customers.

“When I see conversion rates of people that we hyper-targeted through super-audiences, I get excited because it tells me we got it right,” says Duford, “We delivered a poignant, timely message to our customer where they were able to best consume it.”

Duford believes the industry is on the cusp of another monumental shift further in the direction of consumer control, noting how online shoppers now expect the products and deals when and where they want them — with unlimited returns and 24-hour customer service.

“This is going to continue to shift to consumer-control, so we (and others) need to listen to them, and understand their needs — then deliver,” says Duford.

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