Intercom releases what could be the first civilized bot

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The civilized bot has arrived.

As bot makers begin to differentiate their wares, customer communications platform Intercom is out this week with a bot — named Operator — which it says is the first one to care “what an end user’s experience is like.”

For its 17,000 or so client companies, Intercom provides a dashboard that receives live chat messages through a brand’s website chat window, emails, custom application or profile pages on Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

Although Intercom has provided some automated communications, such as messaging through those channels to collect email addresses, all other communications through its platform have been chats — either live or asynchronous, where the message remains visible and is answered later.

Operator is its first bot, and it is available for sites, emails or custom applications, although not yet for Twitter or Messenger.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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