Reframe your thinking about the beacon opportunity

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Are you tired of hearing how beacons are the next best thing? They’ll be the greatest because marketers can send real-time push alerts when someone walks through the door, right?

I’m tired of those articles as well, and there’s a reason you hear much less about beacons than you did two years ago: Beacons lost their shine.

Marketers overestimated how much consumers wanted that experience of pop-up notifications and buzzing messages about coupons in their pockets as they walked in the door. Beacons seem to be on the classic Gartner “hype cycle”: a big spurt of initial interest, the hype wears off, then the product, if worthy, slowly gains traction.

This is indeed an article about beacons, but not perhaps what you would expect. Don’t click away just yet. These little Bluetooth signal broadcasting devices will play an important role in the current evolution of marketing technology.

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