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Do you also feel stressed from time to time? I do. Recently, I experimented with meditation and yoga, just to see if and how they work. There’s a lot of advice you can find online and they all claim to transform your life entirely.

Let’s be honest: yoga is great for calming your mind and exercising your body muscles, while meditation is a great way to reset your mind after a stressful day. Nevertheless, I think neither one of them can prevent you from being stressed. I also don’t think they can solve all of your problems. But as with many things in life, they’re definitely two of the things out there that can help you improve your personal life, and probably help you calm down a bit and get you more relaxed.

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  • TagUI6 is a general purpose tool for automating web interactions. The author is currently working on the Chrome headless support to make this great tool even better. With the help of TagUI, you can easily write automated tests with a simple click and other actions.

JavaScript Link

CSS/Sass Link

  • CSS Database8 is a comprehensive list of CSS features and their positions in the process of becoming implemented web standards, made by Jonathan Neal.
  • Christoph Reinartz shares the Trivago story of CSS right-to-left support9 on their service.
  • Jens Oliver Meiert shares why you should probably stop using CSS browser resets10. Of course, this is a controversial topic but some of the examples show that it’s often not needed. Do you know every rule that is inside normalize.css? And how many of these elements do you use on your project? I’d bet there are quite a few normalizations in there that don’t apply to your project.
CSS Database is a comprehensive list of CSS features and their positions in the process of becoming implemented web standards. (Image source12)

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A mini moment of mindfulness14
Meditation can give you a little uplift, that helps you to spread happiness to the people who you come into contact with in your daily life. Isn’t that a bit like a cup of tea? Particularly if you’re making one for someone else too. (Image source15)

Going Beyond… Link

  • The Disaster Factory16” is an essay by Greg Knauss about programmers living in worst case scenarios and why we have responsibility in our jobs and would be happy to be hugged by friends.


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