Taboola’s new LiveIntent partnership means it can now definitively identify users’ devices

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Taboola content recommendations at the bottom of a publisher's web page

Taboola content recommendations at the bottom of a publisher’s web page

Content discovery service Taboola’s new partnership with email marketing service LiveIntent gives it two new targeting capabilities.

First, this is Taboola’s first alliance with a major email marketer. LiveIntent handles 3 billion email newsletters for 1,600 publishers and brands, which it says reach over 160 million individuals monthly.

Normally, LiveIntent loads an ad in the email newsletter when the email is opened, targeted to that user.

Now, it can load four or more Taboola content recommendations in each email, similar to the “you might also be interested in…” ones that appear at the bottom of many website stories. The content recommendations are based on such attributes as location, device type or referral source, as well as that email recipient’s interests relating to the newsletter’s content, stories clicked on and other attributes.

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