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Oh yes, the infamous mystery riddles are back! At this point, you might be used to endless, mischievous, tricky, mean, time-consuming and intricate Mystery Riddles, and the new one is no different.

To celebrate the relaunch of this little website, we’ve prepared something special yet again — a Smashing Emoji Mystery Riddle. And this time, instead of scouting an answer in a physical place or on Twitter, it’s well hidden somewhere on this website.

So, What Can You Win?

Among the first readers who tweet @smashingmag all the hidden emoji, we’ll raffle a quite extraordinary, smashing prize (and a couple of other Smashing extras):

Please notice that to avoid spoilers, comments are closed for this post. So, have you figured it out yet? Have you, have you, have youuu? 😉

All right, let’s get down to business. Are you ready? Action! (And good luck!)

How does it work?

Below you’ll find the first of a few animated GIFs that contain a hidden key. The key is always exactly one emoji. Your job is to find these emoji as fast as possible. If your guess is right, you’ll have to confirm it by finding a hint to the next level. You’ll have to find the way to get there on your own. Once you’ve reached the last level (you’ll know it), just tweet out all the discovered emoji in one single tweet at @smashingmag.

Again, you’re looking for at least 5 emoji in total, one emoji per level. However, there are more than one solution per level. The more you find, the better your chances of winning are! Not that difficult, right? Well, let’s see about that!

All right, let’s get down to business. Are you ready? Action! (And good luck!)

Level 1: What Am I Dreaming About?

The answer is always one single emoji. Pay attention to the filenames. Every emoji is hidden somewhere on the site. To get from one level to another, you’ll need to find the key — an emoji — first and then use it to find the right page on the shiny new Smashing Magazine. Ready? Go!

What am I dreaming about?
Pay attention to filenames. May your emoji knowledge be with you. Figure out how to get to the next level. The answer is staring right at you.
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