The rise of the customer data platform as marketing’s ‘central nervous system’

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In all the talk about marketing technology stacks throughout the sessions held during our MarTech Conference in Boston last week, several themes emerged. One of those themes was around the question of centralization, tool connectivity and the rise of customer data platforms (CDPs) becoming the heart of the tech stack.

Doc Martens VP of Digital & E-commerce Kyle Duford refers to his company’s CDP as “the central nervous system” of its marketing corpus. “Everything runs through that one platform,” he told the audience. The brand uses custom mapping techniques for IDs, and “Lytics is linked in to everything” else in the stack.

Cate Twohill, senior director of technology solutions at Boston’s public media outlet, WGBH, discussed the central role RedPoint Global’s customer engagement platform plays in the media group’s donor marketing efforts. The platform “provides a single point of execution across all channels,” she explained, including direct mail and email campaigns.

With direct mail efforts, in particular, duplicate records became an expensive problem for the non-profit. The group found it had 80,000 duplicate accounts when the data first ran through RedPoint’s system.

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