The value of applying artificial intelligence in display advertising

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Technology is advancing at an accelerated rate, and the far-fetched dreams of yesterday are quickly becoming the innovations of today. For the longest time, artificial intelligence was an ambiguous notion of big ideas with futuristic applications — self-driving cars, drone deliveries, fridges that monitor food quality, and so much more.

This rapid pace of innovation has some theorists concerned with “singularity” — the belief that artificial super-intelligence will cause such rapid growth that human civilization will experience incomprehensible change. Some theorists predict that, at its current rate, singularity could come about in the next 30 years.

My point here isn’t to focus on if or when singularity will happen, but rather to convey that we are currently experiencing the impact of technological progress in our day-to-day lives and in the world of digital advertising. These advancements affect the way we interact with brands and the experiences that lead us to purchase.

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