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This week, we’ll explore some rather new concepts: What happens if we apply artificial intelligence to text software, for example? And why would a phone manufacturer want its business model to be stolen by competitors? We’ll also take a look at how we can use the new headless Chrome browser for automated testing and learn to build smarter JavaScript bundles with Webpack 3’s new scope hoisting. Sometimes it’s easy to be excited about all the improvements and new things our industry has to offer.

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  • Samim shares insights into how assisted writing tools are using machine learning9 to understand and generate the human language. While the article focuses on how we can reimagine word processing software with machine learning and better algorithms, we can also learn a lot about improving our own writing style.
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Translating text into the style of famous writers is just one of the things machine-learning-powered assisted writing tools can do11. (Image credit12)

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  • React Express14 is an all-in-one guide to modern React application development. Perfect for people who want to get into React development and understand the differences between the various approaches.
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  • The ethical smartphone vendor Fairphone wants Apple to steal its idea19 of building devices that don’t rely on resources sourced with child-labor or under inhumane working conditions. So far, Fairphone has built two variants of smartphones, and as an owner of the Fairphone 1, I’m convinced that it’s possible to manufacture ethically better devices.


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