WeLens introduces software to manage group screenings of 360-degree video VR

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VR is rapidly becoming a way for brands to directly demonstrate the user experience of their products, or to visualize the care with which their products were created. But, since 360-degree video VR was initially created as a solo experience, the management of group screenings has not been a top priority.

To handle that chore, Palo Alto, California-based startup WeLens is out with a solution called LensPass for managing group presentations at trade shows, showrooms and other locations. The company says this is the only offering that can manage and customize large scale VR screenings of 360-degree video.

The problems, founder and CEO James Levy said in a statement, have been that “devices need to be manually setup one at a time, there’s no way to control and track devices, and the result is chaos, stress and elevated tech support costs.”

The company says that LensPass, its first product release, eliminates the need for technical staff to run these kinds of VR screenings. Founded last year, the firm previously focused on running VR screenings for brands, marketing and ad agencies and others, including National Geographic, Hulu, Toyota and Clorox.

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