Wiser Solutions combines retail analytics with e-commerce solutions, aiming to be a one-stop shop

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Earlier this month, Quad Analytix and Mobee — two retail-focused technology solutions — merged to form what is now Wiser Solutions, Inc., an analytics platform that also includes a workflow solution for retailers, brands and restaurants.

“It made a tremendous amount of sense to be able to offer a better solution to our customers,” says Wiser’s president Andy Ballard, who notes many were using two different vendors to do what Wiser can now offer as a one-stop shop.

Ballard says it would have taken Quad Analytix many years to develop the technology that Mobee offered, and vice versa for Mobee.

“One of the reasons for bringing the two together is there were several examples of existing customers that have a need for both e-commerce work but also in-store efforts to gather that information and power better decisions,” says Ballard.

As it stands, Wiser clients have access to a number of data sets, from competitive benchmarks and market intelligence analytics to optimization analytics that offer insight into in-store “shelf health” metrics. With the additional workflow solutions that are part of Wiser, brands, retailers and restaurants can do things like automate pricing on the front end of their website based on the analytics they are pulling.

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